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          学习啦【英语作文】 家志时间:2018-06-21 18:25:57我要投稿

            学习啦:关于到上海旅游的作文应该可以怎么写好呢?下面我们一起看看这篇《A Trip to Shanghai》。


            Have you ever been to Shanghai ? I went to Shanghai last summer vacation, there were bright neon lights and skyscrapers around the city. Everything looked extremely stylish and full of energy.

            On the first day, we went to China Pavilion. It’s an important building. It’s magnificent and unique. And then we came to the top of the Oriental Pearl. It’s the landmark of Shanghai. Looking down from the top of the 258-meter tower, cars were like beetles and roads were like ribbons. There were also many delicious snacks in Shanghai, such as small steamed bun and scallion noodles. Their delicacy left me a strong aftertaste.

            During the following days, we went to The Bund, Science Museum and even The Docks. Shanghai is a beautiful city! The scenery there was beautiful , fantastic at night. In the evening , when I walked around the city, I was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery, What an amazing city! I hope to visit Shanghai next time.




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